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A Mother's Grief:
10 Ways to Survive & Thrive

a mother's grief: 10 ways to survive & thrive cover

If death is one of the only certainties in this world; why do people avoid talking about it?

How can we understand a mother's grief?


In 2016, my daughter died from a rare pediatric liver cancer at the age of three. I had never personally known anyone who had lost a child. I was in unknown territory when it happened to me. My life instantly became about survival, and I still had another daughter to parent.

A Mother’s Grief: 10 Ways to Survive & Thrive 
contains lessons learned on my journey

I hope this resource helps you feel less alone.

This ebook provides my tips on surviving the initial stages of grief, and then creating space to transform your life afterward. I believe you can thrive in your grief journey and can create a meaningful legacy to honor your child. Finding gratitude and focusing on what you have, versus what you have lost, can be the greatest gift. 

I would love to join you on your journey. 

*Download my ebook below to learn more about how grief coaching can help you thrive.

Download my ebook now!

I hope this book helps you feel less alone on your journey. 

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