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Books on Grief and Loss Of A Child

I hope these books on grief and loss of a child help you feel less alone. 

We can’t change the past, but we can change the way we think about it.

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Books on Grief and Loss of A Child: Recommended Reading


  • Tom Zuba’s books are among my favorite books on grief because they are extremely easy to read, like poetry, and are very relatable. You can pick up the book for 2 minutes or 20. I received the first book shortly after my daughter died. I bought the second book as soon as it came out, later in my grief journey, because I wanted more. 

Permission to Mourn & Becoming Radiant
By: Tom Zuba


  • Sheryl Sandberg's book has so many amazing take aways, starting with the title! I think it does a brilliant job of explaining post traumatic growth, gratitude, and family resiliency. 

Option B
By: Sheryl Sandberg & Adam Grant

  • Francis Weller’s book spoke loudly to me about finding gratitude in sorrow. He writes about re-visioning grief, honoring it, and expressing it through ritual. He invites you to share in the sacred ground of grief and connect to an ongoing conversation with yourself. You can hear him speak about his beliefs on the podcast, All There Is


The Wild Edge of Sorrow
By: Francis Weller

  • Brant Menswar is a motivational speaker, podcast host, musician, and bereaved father. I had the privilege of attending one of his workshops, and it was life changing a few years into my grief journey. His method helped me rediscover my core values to live my life with intention.

Black Sheep
By: Brant Menswar

  • David Kessler has written six books on grief and loss. I like his recent publication the most because it talks about how meaningful connections can replace the painful memories in time. Here is a short TED talk with a brief overview of the book. 

Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief
By: David Kessler


  • Aurora Winter, founder of the grief coach academy, has written several books. I personally like the book listed below because she explains how to use the Peace Method to go from heartbreak to happiness.

Grief Relief in 30 minutes
By: Aurora Winter


  • These books by Joanne Cacciatore felt like a companion for my grief journey. The stories are powerful and led me to a deep appreciation for the life of my daughter. 

Bearing the Unbearable & Grieving is Loving
By: Joanne Cacciatore, PhD


  • This book by Susan Jeffers provides great guidance when you put yourself back out in the world in a new way. You are a different person after your child dies, and that can be extremely scary. 

Feel the Fear… and Do it Anyway
By: Susan Jeffers, Pd.D.


  • Kristi Keller is an established writer, bereaved parent, and the founder of Grief Notes. Her inclusive publication provides a soft landing for people to read and write about the turbulence of grief and loss of a child.

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