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Grief is unique to each and every person, but that does not mean you need to go through it alone.  I have a genuine passion for helping mothers navigate their grief journey, honor their child, and leave a legacy of purpose. Learn more about my story on the From Broken to Brave podcast.


As your grief coach I will walk you through a future focused journey of self-discovery with a goal of post-traumatic personal growth and gratitude for your new life after a devastating loss.  I seek to move my clients from just functioning to living an extraordinary life using exercises specifically designed to transform your way of processing thoughts around such a profound loss.  Think of a sports coach or trainer who drives you to be better using proven methods and keeps you motivated during challenging times.  Please note, coaching does not replace professional grief counseling and I do not diagnose illness or treat mental disorders.  


I support and assist you in ways to honor your child that fulfil purpose and bring meaning to your life.  We will discover your strengths and talents together to build confidence for your journey forward. So, if you are ready to take a step, work through your grief, and graduate to the next level… we might be a great fit.  


I am a certified grief coach from the Institute of Professional Grief Coaching and graduate of the Grief to Gratitude Program.  I look forward to connecting with you to start your transformation today!

"Christina’s coaching style is dynamic, compassionate, and authentic.  Her courage has motivated me to work through the loss of my son and finally take my mental and physical wellness into my own hands."

-Lee Ann


Featured in the Los Angeles Times article 
Why I Decided to Become A Grief Coach 
by Angela Jamison

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~Married for 10 years and mother to three beautiful girls

~20-year US Air Force veteran

~Certified Grief Coach with a Masters Degree in Organizational Management

~Dedicated indoor cycle instructor and fitness/wellness trainer for 15 years

~President of a successful non-profit pediatric cancer research foundation (in memory of my daughter who passed away in 2016 at 3yrs old)

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