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Grief Resources

We can’t change the past, but we can change the way we think about it.

I hope these resources help you feel less alone in your grief. 

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Recommended Reading:


  • Tom Zuba’s books are among my favorites because they are extremely easy to read, like poetry, and are very relatable. You can pick up the book for 2 minutes or 20. I received the first book shortly after my daughter died. I bought the second book as soon as it came out, later in my grief journey, because I wanted more. 


Permission to Mourn & Becoming Radiant

By: Tom Zuba



  • Sheryl Sandberg's book has so many amazing take aways, starting with the title! I think it does a brilliant job of explaining post traumatic growth, gratitude, and family resiliency. 


Option B

By: Sheryl Sandberg & Adam Grant



  • David Kessler has written six books on grief and loss. I like his recent publication the most because it talks about how meaningful connections can replace the painful memories in time. Here is a short TED talk with a brief overview of the book. 


Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief

By: David Kessler



  • Aurora Winter, founder of the grief coach academy, has written several books. I personally like the book listed below because she explains how to use the Peace Method to go from heartbreak to happiness.


Grief Relief in 30 minutes

By: Aurora Winter


  • These books by Joanne Cacciatore felt like a companion for my grief journey. The stories are powerful and led me to a deep appreciation for the life of my daughter. 


Bearing the Unbearable & Grieving is Loving

By: Joanne Cacciatore, PhD


  • Brant Menswar is a motivational speaker, podcast host, musician, and bereaved father. I had the privilege of attending one of his workshops, and it was life changing a few years into my grief journey. His method helped me rediscover my core values to live my life with intention.

Black Sheep

By: Brant Menswar

  • This book by Susan Jeffers provides great guidance when you put yourself back out in the world in a new way. You are a different person after your child dies, and that can be extremely scary. 


Feel the Fear… and Do it Anyway

By: Susan Jeffers, Pd.D.


  • Kristi Keller is an established writer, bereaved parent, and the founder of Grief Notes. Her inclusive publication provides a soft landing for people to read and write about the turbulence of loss. 

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